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Building & Zoning


Zoning Ordinances of Worth County

The purpose of these ordinances is to promote the proper location and development of commercial and/or residential uses.

In reviewing your plans, the following information is needed in order to ensure compliance with these regulations:

  • Verification of zoning classification
  • Building Setbacks
  • Off street parking and service requirements
  • Required screening and/or buffer yards
  • Minimum lot area
  • Sign Regulations

If these regulations cannot be complied with, contact the Zoning Administrator to discuss available options.

Rezoning conditional use application Board of Appeals

Requirements of these applications:

  • Call the Zoning office to be added to the Planning Commission Work Session agenda. Attend the meeting on the date specified.
  • Provide copies of legal survey plat by a registered Georgia Land Surveyor and/or a site plan depicting any proposed and existing buildings.
  • Provide a legal description of subject property.
  • Provide a list of all adjacent property owners.
  • Submit completed application and fee.

The application must be in our office on or before the 25th of each month. Upon submittal of your application, you will be given the dates and times of the next available public hearing(s). A pre-application meeting is required prior to acceptance of your application. Call this office to set up your appointment.

The applicant or his/her representative should be at all public hearings and will have ample opportunity to present their case. After all comments are heard, the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners can recommend approval, approval with conditions, tabling, or denial of your request. Applications are heard by the appropriate governing agency 4-5 weeks after submittal. To consider your request, the County Commission has adopted certain criteria to help determine the outcome of your request. The prescribed criteria can be obtained from the Zoning Administrator’s office.

Please contact our office to ensure the completeness of your application and that all materials are adequate for submittal.

Copies of the County Zoning Ordinances are available in the Zoning Administrator’s Office for purchase.

Building and Zoning Office

204 E Franklin Street Suite 16
Sylvester, Georgia  31791
Phone: (229) 776-8202
Hours: 8AM-5PM Mon.-Fri.

Scheduled Meetings

  • Work Session
    Third Thur. of every month at 5:00PM
  • Public Hearing
    First Tues. of every month at 7:00PM
  • Cancelled if no agenda Items

Building and Zoning Commission Members

  • Jimmy Rouse
  • Tommy Snipes
  • Stanley Jones
    Commission Member
  • Lawrence Green
    Board and Staff Member
  • Marsha Senkbeil
    Board and Staff Member


By definition, a subdivision is the division or re-division of land into two or more parcels/lots, building sites, or other divisions.

In some developments, this process is required before building permits are secured. If this is applicable to your situation, please contact the Zoning Administrator’s Office to discuss the requirements for this process.

Copies of the County Subdivision Regulations are available for purchase in the Zoning Administrator’s office.


Ed Parsons
Zoning Administrator; Code Enforcement Officer; Building Official

Denise Ealey
Clerk II