Commission Office
201 North Main St.
Sylvester, GA  31791
P: (229) 776-8200
Fax: (229) 776-8232

Courthouse. Photo by John Trainor.

EMA/Fire & Rescue

The Worth County EMA/Fire and Rescue is comprised of eight paid firefighters, 20 part time firefighters and almost 100 volunteer firemen. Currently there are fourteen fire stations which include one paid station and thirteen volunteer stations. These stations protect approximately 24,000 citizens, covering almost 570 square miles in unincorporated Worth County. As a result of the dedication of our firefighters paid and volunteer, we serve and protect Worth County citizens with great pride.

This department is also responsible for reviewing new building plans, issuing Certificates of Occupancy, yearly inspections of business, churches, and schools, and inspections for all county issued business licenses.

Worth County EMA/Fire and Rescue

203 E. Willingham St.
Sylvester, Georgia  31791
Phone: 229-776-8223
Fax: 229-776-8227

To heighten education, fire prevention week is conducted in all County schools, year round fire prevention programs are offered for all ages.


The Emergency Management Agency is responsible for protecting Worth County Citizens from the effects of disasters, natural and man-made. The agency coordinates and assists all municipal officials’ efforts as well as the unincorporated areas of the county during disasters and crisis situations.

Agency personnel coordinate with municipal and county officials to develop emergency action plans for such hazards as chemical spills, fires, floods, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, nuclear, bio-terrorism, and transportation incidents. These plans are routinely tested by county and municipal leaders with full scale drills and tabletop exercises.

When an emergency arises or disaster threatens, the county’s response is coordinated by the Emergency Management Agency by activating and manning the Emergency Operations Center (E.O.C.). Representatives from the county and municipalities make decisions in the E.O.C. and communicate to the authorities in the field.

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