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Magistrate Court

Magistrate Judge - Tony Strenth
Tony Strenth
Chief Magistrate Judge
Magistrate Court

201 North Main Street Room 21
Courthouse - Sylvester, Georgia  31791
Phone: (229) 776-8210
Fax: (229) 776-8245
Office Hours: 9AM-5PM Mon.-Fri.
Located on the 2nd floor of the
Worth County Courthouse.

Magistrate Court exists to serve the following functions:

  • Conduct probable cause hearings and issue criminal warrants
  • File and conduct hearings concerning civil law suits for amounts of $15,000 and under.
  • Issue FiFa's and Garnishments in civil cases that have been adjudicated.
  • Conduct hearings for Trover actions to retrieve property.
  • Perform marriage ceremonies.

Schedule of Costs:

A dismissal fee of $50 for misdemeanor warrants and $100 for felony warrants SHALL be paid before any warrant is dismissed by Magistrate Court. Such dismissal shall be granted only prior to the arrest of a defendant.

Statement of Claim $101.50
Each Additional Defendant in Same Action $50.00
Dispossessory $101.50
Garnishment $101.50
Writ of Possession $101.50
Writ of Fieri Facias (FI.FA.) $9.00

Filed in Worth County $101.50
From Another County $101.50


Michael Carter
Michael Carter

Chief Clerk - Marion Moore
Marion Moore
Chief Clerk


Commission Office
201 North Main Street
Sylvester, GA  31791
Phone: (229) 776-8200
Fax: (229) 776-8232
Courthouse. Photo by John Trainor.

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