Worth County Sheriff’s Office: Full-time Patrol Deputies

Worth County Sheriff’s Office is hiring qualified Full-time Patrol Deputies


JOB SUMMARY: This position is responsible for patrolling the county to prevent or observe
criminal acts and traffic violations, enforcing state, federal, and local laws/ordinances and
testifying in judicial proceedings and instituting community oriented policing concepts.

CHAIN OF COMMAND: This position answers to a Patrol Division shift supervisor.

CRITICAL RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES: • Patrols assigned geographical area of the
county. • Answers calls for service. • Apprehends and cites traffic law violators. • Completes
necessary paperwork. • Conducts citizen contacts. • Enforces criminal law. • Preserves
crime scenes for Investigations Division personnel. • Assists stranded and lost motorists. •
Performs House Watches / Business checks and Concentrated Patrols. • Effectively
communicates with the community to include neighborhood leaders. • Maintains proactive
approach to law enforcement. • Identifies community/individual problems and needs and
achieves solutions. • Renders aid/assistance to local, state, and federal police agencies. •
Assists other county agencies/departments. Responsible for the service of civil processes,
criminal arrest warrants and provides court room security. Duties and responsibilities
include, but are not limited to: preparing, serving, and logging various types of legal papers,
incident reports, court documents, criminal arrest warrants and transporting arrestees,
victims and inmates. • Performs other duties as needed.

county geography and roads. • Knowledge of federal, state and local laws/ordinances.
Knowledge of current law enforcement practices/procedures. • Ability to communicate with
the general public. • Knowledge of current community policing practices.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: • Holds current Georgia P.O.S.T. peace officer certification,
High School Diploma or GED. • Must qualify on the standard WCSO Handgun/Rifle
Qualification Course • Must pass all drug screens and background checks. • Has or is able
to attain certification in the use of oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray.

BASIC PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES REQUIRED: • Walking, running moderate distances,
bending, reaching, and climbing stairs and ladders • Lifting, dragging, and pulling objects
and people • Pushing and pulling heavy objects • Use of hands/feet for self-defense and
maintaining a moderate duration of force • Use of restraining and control holds and/or
restraining devices

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must meet appearance standards as set forth by the Sheriff

STARTING SALARY: $31,220.00 yr.