District Map

Worth County District Map

District 1:   Sylvester

District 2:   Poulan, Scooterville, Shingler, Sumner

District 3:   Acree, Doles, Isabella, Oakfield, Warwick

District 4:   Anderson City, Bridgeboro, Doerun, Gordy, Tempy


For your individual voting information, including your district number, you may visit the "My Voter Page" on the Georgia Secretary of State's website by clicking the link below. 



NOTICE OF INTENSION TO INTRODUCE LOCAL LEGISLATION - Notice is given that there will be introduced at the regular 2022 session of the General Assemble of Georgia a bill to amend an Act creating a Board of Commissioners of Worth County, approved August 15, 2904 (Ga. L. 1904, p. 296) as amended, and for other purposes.

This 19th day of January, 2022.   

(See Redistricting Map under Supporting Documents.)

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