Building, Zoning & Licensing Department

Permit Application Information

Permit applications will expire if permit is not obtained within 30 days of applying


Building, Electrical, Fuel/Gas, Mechanical, and Pluming Permits

     Permits are valid for 6 months from permitted date.


Proof that taxes are paid current is required before Demo or Removal Permits are issued

Demolition Permits

     Permits are valid for 60 days from permitted date.

     All debris is to be contained in a rollback dumpster or hauled away from property daily.

     Cap off all utilities.

     Do not burn any man-made materials!


Removal Permits

     Permits are valid for 30 days from permitted date.

     Mobile homes can only be moved by licensed movers.

     All debris is to be cleared from property after removal.


*Structures removed or demoed will not be removed from property digest until a

verification inspection is completed by the Worth County Building Inspector

Call (229) 776-8202 for all inspections

**Building & Zoning may extend the validation of permits, if contacted

before permit expiration date