Solicitor General

Jay Crowe, Solicitor General


The Solicitor General’s Office:

  • Investigates crimes
  • Interviews victims and witnesses
  • Makes decisions regarding prosecution
  • Files accusations
  • Prosecutes cases, which involve:
    • Subpoenaing witnesses
    • Collecting evidence
    • Preparing for trial
    • Negotiating pleas
    • Trying cases in court


These cases include:

  • Misdemeanor warrants issued in Worth County
  • Traffic citations issued by:
    • Sylvester Police Department
    • Sheriff’s Department
    • Georgia State Patrol
  • Citations issued by:
    • Worth County Park Rangers
    • Worth County Animal Control
    • Worth Water Department
    • Worth County Business License Division
  • Cases transferred to Worth County State Court from various municipal courts
  • Cases transferred from Worth County Superior Court

We serve all citizens of Worth County on a general level, and more specifically, the victims of crime.