Transfer Station, Inert Landfill, and Recycling

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***  2021 Tire Amnesty Dates are November 18th - 20th  ***    


Worth County currently operates a transfer station, inert landfill, metal recycling, and concrete / asphalt materials recycling center.

The waste transfer station is an industrial facility where municipal solid waste, or MSW, is temporarily held and sorted before being moved to a landfill. Garbage trucks that run city and county routes drop household waste at the transfer station before it is loaded onto larger vehicles and shipped to a landfill.

Worth County accepts earth and earth-like products, yard trimmings, tree stumps, limbs, and leaves into the inert landfill.  Metal, concrete, and asphalt can be also be accepted and recycled.

Items not accepted include hazardous materials, liquids (motor oil, antifreeze), and paint (paint is accepted if mixed with a substance such as cat litter to form a solid). 

Worth County's solid waste processes are regulated by both the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.