Core Values

The core values necessary to accomplish our Vision and Mission are:


 1.  Customer Driven

  • Aware:  Understand that “customer” means citizens, employees, or visitors
  • Sensitive:  Show respect by listening, understanding, and responding to their needs
  • Proactive:  Anticipate the customer’s needs
  • Effective:  Respond to customer’s needs in the appropriate manner


 2.   Integrity

  • Equal:  Treat everyone equitably and fairly
  • Honest:  Tell the truth
  • Reliable:  Do what you say
  • Loyal:  Remain faithful to supervisors and fellow employees
  • Compassionate:  Be sensitive and put yourself in their shoes
  • Ethical:  Do the right thing


 3.  Fairness

  • Stable:  Demonstrate even temper and consistency
  • Attentive:  Diagnose before you prescribe
  • Unbiased:  Eliminate pre-conceived notions
  • Equal:  Promote equality and demonstrate equal opportunity
  • Sensitive, Respectful:  Practice Golden Rule and be considerate of others feelings
  • Open-minded, Unselfish:  Accept change, focus on results
  • Cooperative:  Work in harmony with others


 4.  Quality

  • Service-Oriented:  Provide professional, efficient services
  • Receptive:  View criticism constructively
  • Trainable:  Develop job-related skills and traits
  • Personable:  Sharpen interpersonal communication skills


 5.  Accountability

  • Accessible:  Be available, approachable to employees and the public
  • Cost-Conscious:  Spend public funds wisely
  • Responsive:  Respond to citizens in a timely manner
  • Factual:  Make decisions based on federal and state laws, local ordinances