Garnishment - One Time

A garnishment is a proceeding against a third party ("the garnishee"). The garnishee has money or other property belonging to the judgment debtor-defendant. Garnishment is the term of the legal process by which the garnishee pays into court the money, or property, that the garnishee owes to the judgment debtor. (NOTE: Garnishments may be filed only after a judgment has been obtained against the debtor.) A business which has been served with a garnishment affidavit has forty-five (45) days to file an answer. If an answer is not filed within forty-five (45) days, the garnishee (employer or bank) will be in default.

The forms below are generally accepted by the Magistrate Court and can be found at You can go to the website and use the fillable PDF forms or you can print the forms below and hand write the required information. Please note that there may be forms required that are not on this site. If you have any questions about what you need to file in our court, please contact our office.


A Copy of a Judgment and a FI.FA. are required to file a Garnishment in Magistrate Court.

A Designation of Agent for Business Entity is required if you are filing on behalf of a business or another person.

Applicable Forms